Isuma is the Greenlandic (Inuit) word for spirit, mind, meaning, opinion or relevance.

Isuma is the Greenlandic (Inuit) word for spirit, mind, meaning, opinion or relevance. The logo of Isuma is a Greenlandic women’s knife called an “ulu”, also called a “sakkeq” in the Eastern Greenlandic dialect. It is the Eastern Greenlandic version of the women’s knife portraited in the logo.

The mind and the tool must function well together to bring about good results. That is the idea of combining the concept of isuma as a mind-set and the ulu as a tool. Isuma is an advisory consultancy firm deeply rooted in a Greenlandic (Inuit) spirit and with an analytical approach to its work. And the ulu or the sakkeq, which has been a tool for thousands of years survival in the Arctic, will in this context work as an instrument for providing results for Isuma’s stakeholders and/or clients.

Isuma provides analytical assessments, development of economic and societal reports to relevant stakeholders as well as business development analysis and provides network within politics, society andbusiness.

Isuma offers assistance in connecting people and institutions – providing meeting places and networks, developing and executing dialogue, plans workshops, seminars and conferences. Isuma provides facilitation of discussions – also the difficult ones.

Isuma works attentively with bridging cultural gaps for example with indigenous peoples of the North/Arctic and aims at making sure that stakeholder management is incorporated in all processes and partnerships.

Isuma exercises clear communication that meet stakeholders’ needs. Communication is imperative in all connections – whether it is with the aim of bridging peoples or systems such as government, academia and the public opinion or whether it is with a specific goal for specific target groups. The awareness and potential use of Social Media is an integral part of Isuma’s communication tools.

Isuma reaches out with various means to meet the ends – public memorandums and concepts for closed settings, seminars or workshops for interactive dialogue or traditional articles for newspapers and magazines.


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